Eric T. Olson

Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired) and Former Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command

Eric T. Olson has been a director of Under Armour since July 2012. Admiral Olson retired from the United States Navy in 2011 as a full Admiral after 38 years of military service. He served in special operations units throughout his career, during which he earned a Master’s Degree in National Security Affairs and was awarded several decorations for leadership and valor including the Defense Distinguished Service Medal and the Silver Star. Admiral Olson was the first Navy SEAL officer to be promoted to three- and four-star ranks. Admiral Olson’s career culminated as the head of the United States Special Operations Command from July 2007 to August 2011, where he was responsible for the mission readiness of all Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps special operations forces. In this capacity, he led over 60,000 people and managed an annual budget in excess of ten billion dollars. As President and Managing Member of ETO Group, LLC since September 2011, Admiral Olson is now an independent national security consultant who supports a wide range of private and public sector organizations. Admiral Olson serves on the Board of Directors of Iridium Communications, Inc. and is a member of its nominating and corporate governance committee and also serves as a Director of the non-profit Special Operations Warrior Foundation. 

Independent Director